17 February 2017

Healthy Eating - let's start on Monday

If you're thinking of trying a healthier diet, then look no further than the Tower canteen which is starting a new menu on Monday (February 20).
As part of the College’s Health & Wellbeing  programme we are encouraging both staff and students to make healthier food choices on a daily basis. 
Our Tower Canteen facility will be providing a 2 week trial, offering more healthier choices.   As we all know healthy eating is fundamental to good health.  Those of us who eat healthy foods are more likely to live longer healthier lives. 
The benefits of healthy eating include:
·      Reduced Risk of type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, certain types of Cancer and Osteoporosis
·      Reduced risk of overweight and obesity
·      Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients.
Why not visit the cafeteria and try out some of these healthy options.  See details of what is on offer below:
From Monday for breakfast you can choose from Granola Pots, fresh Porridge Oats, Scrambled Eggs with wholemeal toast, grilled tomato and grilled bacon.
For lunch soups will be healthy and gluten free, baked potatoes with Tuna, Sweetcorn and low fat mayo, salad bar, roasted red pepper quiche, or create your own sandwiches without butter.
A number of healthy choices will be available every day.